Two-Question Screening Test for Depression in Thai

Information about Measure
First Name Suwanna
Last Name Arunpongpaisal
Email Not Available
Affiliation Department of Psychiatry, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Other means of contacting author (e.g., website,, ResearchGate)
Mental health assessment tool that was adapted/developed/validated Two-Question Screening Test for Depression
Mental health condition assessed Depressive Disorders
Idiom of distress included, if any 10 in total, compounded into two groups. For instance, Mee-tae-yak-hai (easy crying), Mai-yak-wow (unwanted to talk), Ngoi (low-spirited)
Lifestage of interest Adult (General)
Age range (age – age) ~18 – ~62
Country or countries where tool was developed/adapted/validated Thailand
Language(s) of the adapted/developed/validated tool Thai
Clinical or community sample? Community
Subpopulation in which tool was developed/validated (e.g., tool was developed and tested among middle-class women)? 17 villages in the Northeastern Thai community
Development procedures locally-developed,validated
If validated, what was the gold standard? MINI (mini-international-neuropsychiatric interview) structured psychiatric examination using DSM-IV-TR criteria
Description of other development procedures, if applicable The screener was developed through discussion with the local population to select dialectic words to express depressive mood. This screener was then validated through a cross-sectional criterion study.
Cronbach’s alpha
Sensitivity 0.719
Spec 0.851
Other information about tool (e.g., additional psychometrics [NPV, PPV, Youden’s index, diagnostic odds ratio]) The two-item screener contains a component that assesses depression and a component that assesses pleasure. The above sensitivities and specificities are reported based on individuals who provided positive answers to both of the questions. These metrics are for the diagnosis of depressive disorder. The sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of major depression are 0.73 and 0.839, respectively. For a more detailed description of subscale psychometrics, please see the reference article.
Citations of development/adaptation/validation studies and/or previous studies using the tool Arunpongpaisal S, Kongsuk T, Maneethorn N, Maneethorn B, Wannasawek K, Leejongpermpoon J, et al. Development and validity of two-question screening test for depressive disorders in Northeastern Thai community. Asian Journal of Psychiatry. 2009;2(4):149-52. doi: PubMed PMID: 2009612897.
Notes when administering the tool For the original study, the two-question screener was administered verbally by nurses in a community setting. The screener may be administered by anyone who speaks Thai. The screener contains questions that are answered dichotomously (with yes/no responses).