Thai Depression Inventory

Information about Measure
First Name Manote
Last Name Lotrakul
Email Not Available
Affiliation Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Other means of contacting author (e.g., website,, ResearchGate)
Mental health assessment tool that was adapted/developed/validated The Thai Depression Inventory
Mental health condition assessed Depressive Disorders
Idiom of distress included, if any Not Applicable
Lifestage of interest Adult (General)
Age range (age – age)
Country or countries where tool was developed/adapted/validated Thailand
Language(s) of the adapted/developed/validated tool Thai
Clinical or community sample? Clinical
Subpopulation in which tool was developed/validated (e.g., tool was developed and tested among middle-class women)? 50 adults in an urban inpatient and outpatient psychiatric clinic
Development procedures locally-developed,culturally-adapted,validated
If validated, what was the gold standard? Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression Thai Version
Description of other development procedures, if applicable
Cronbach’s alpha 0.858
Other information about tool (e.g., additional psychometrics [NPV, PPV, Youden’s index, diagnostic odds ratio]) A 20 item scale was developed by local Thai clinicians after a literature review. It was translated and adapted by the expert team and then piloted in an initial set of 20 depressed Thai psychiatric patients. Their feedback was integrated to produce the final 20 item scale.

Factor analysis suggested a five-factor structure explaining the majority of the variance.

The Pearson correlation with the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression was 0.7188 (p<0.0001), Comparison with the HRSD suggested a Thai Depression Inventory cutoff score of 34 as suggestive of major depression.

Citations of development/adaptation/validation studies and/or previous studies using the tool Lotrakul, M., & Sukanich, P. (1999). Development of the Thai depression inventory. JOURNAL-MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND, 82(12), 1200-1207.
Notes when administering the tool The scale is administered by a clinician in Thai. The tool consists of 20 items rated on a three point likert scale, with all item weighted equally. Scores range form 0 – 60 and the total score is used.